Hans Method stands for a way of doing things differently. Driven by our quest to make clothes in an ethical and environmentally responsible way, we rebel against the fast fashion movement by taking our time to make sustainable pieces of clothing.

Because we believe the how we do thing shows exactly who we are.

It's time to redefine how our goods are produced.


Based between Barcelona and the Swiss Alps. Designed for the ones whose hearts are divided between the love for the ocean and the craving of fresh fallen snow.



Sustainable and responsible approach


We respect the environment and its people by using a sustainable and responsible approach throughout our production.

We are cruelty-free and we use a range of high quality sustainable fabrics, from recycled fibers to natural certified organic materials, ensuring that they are free of toxic and harmful substances for the environment.

We source our fabrics and the rest of our materials locally whenever possible and always under fair trade production conditions. 

At the moment, the only material that is not made locally is the Italian ECONYL® fabric used for our swimwear collection.




Every Hans Method piece of clothing is designed and produced locally, always under fair working conditions.

Overseas production is often outsourced, unregulated, and unsafe for the workers. This is why we decided to produce in Barcelona, where we can control it easily and minimize transportation CO2 emissions.



Process matters. Quality matter. Honesty matters.